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Cím: 1122 Budapest Hajnóczy József utca 3. fsz. 2.

Mobil: (+36) 20 404 09 66

Mobil: (+36) 20 529 96 88

Fax: (+36) 1 225-0536

Email: info [at] perfacta [.] hu


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Services provided by PERFACTA KFT:

  • Accounting:

We provide accounting services, create financial statements, set together annual statements and supervise public accountance.  Detailed financial calculations are also entailed in our services.
We do our accounting depending on our clients needs either in our Novitax system or a system that our clients prefer.

We assist in organizing accounting related activities if necessary by lending your dedicated team a hand. Thus we can add our expertise and efficiency to grow the potency of your accounting.

  • We can assist in:

– Compiling reporting packages, keeping in mind the difference between. Hungarian financial laws and reporting standards.
– Creating a Financial Statement.
– Analyze the performance of your company’s inner and general activities and help improve them.

  • Payroll Calculation

Our payroll calculating activities include all services such as gathering data, inputting data starting from paying net wage to other administrative errands.

Collaborating with our clients we also pay attention to the solutions which they already use. Due to this we give maximal attention to create the initial processes and the most efficient way of keeping contact with our clients

We provide our services either in our office or if necessary in our clients office. Contact between our clients team and our employees is guaranteed in all cases.

We also offer VIP payroll calculating services from our lead employees. Either as an independent service, or as a large scale process – our clients can be assured over our maximal discretion.

Our services start where our clients company’s HR jobs end. If our clients require so, we can also provide HR assistance.

  • Consultancy and temporal management services

Beyond what was listed above, our company also provides:
– Supervising accounting
– Payroll calculation supervising and necessary consultancy
– Supervision and development of inner processes
– Compiling chart of accounts
– Compiling management report packages and financial overviews.
– In case of temporal lack of work power or specific position we can transfer one of our employees.

Our temporal management service allows us to transfer one or more highly qualified employee to our clients company any time.

  • Additional services:

Beyond the services provided by PERFACTA KFT, our clients have access to a huge palette of accounting and payroll calculating groups including tax and IFRS counselling services.

Our clients are granted access to numerous other PERFECTA KFT services which can be vital when in need of quick assistance.





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