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Cím: 1122 Budapest Hajnóczy József utca 3. fsz. 2.

Mobil: (+36) 20 404 09 66

Mobil: (+36) 20 529 96 88

Fax: (+36) 1 225-0536

Email: info [at] perfacta [.] hu


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Company profile

Introduction, Company Profile

Our company, PERFACTA KFT. was created in 1. January, 1996.  Our office is currently located at highly frequented area of Budapests 12th district. PERFACTA KFT provides our clients accounting, management reporting, payroll calculation services as well as counselling over these matters.

The fundamental objective of PERFACTA KFT is accounting and payroll calculation, however naturally any economic related counselling is also part of our programme. All of these areas require adequate expertise which our company can assure with 20 years of experience and recourses behind our backs which allows us to provide our clients with high tier service.

Keeping in mind our company’s performance and efficiency, we adjust our services based on your needs. We are accessible to our clients on a day to day basis allowing them to be able to reach us any time if they have a question or require counselling in a certain matter. Our clients are in the center of our attention, whether they require assistance in reviewing their financial statement, or daily accounting for a month. Regardless of service, instead of standardizing, we accommodate to our clients needs and make using our services a personal experience.

We are equipped with the experience and knowledge required by our clients. Our colleagues are well versed in accounting and taxing, which allows them to be able to solve any problems our clients may have. It is also worth mentioning that our company is in touch with multiple professional lawyers and attorneys which allows us to quickly answer any legal or law related question our clients might have.
At us – services that are not even available at other companies are viewed as basics.

We help moderate the risks. Independent of the service type you require, our employees are available to you at any time. As such, illness of a colleague or a halt in service due to similar issues are not a factor in our company.

Keeping the laws regarding out work in mind, we keep your information safe, secure and confidential.

We create value.

We prioritize the performance of our company in harmony with our clients needs and feedback, thus letting them to have a deeper overview of the financial state of our company, which allows us to commit ourselves to excellence.

Working with us creates a high level business quality, primarily on the area of accounting, which might not be possible to reach with smaller companies who provide similar services.
Diverting this much attention to our clients has multiple advantages, starting from more precise accounting to easier access to external financing.





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