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Cím: 1122 Budapest Hajnóczy József utca 3. fsz. 2.

Mobil: (+36) 20 404 09 66

Mobil: (+36) 20 529 96 88

Fax: (+36) 1 225-0536

Email: info [at] perfacta [.] hu


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General presentation of Perfacta Ltd.     

Our company, PerfActa Kft. was founded in 01st of January 1996. The office is in the well-known part of the XII. District (close to Széll Kálmán Square). We are offering accountancy, bookkeeping, tax consultancy services, on an almost 340 m2 area.  Currently we are providing the bookkeeping tasks of 310 small and midsize companies. As a reference we would mention some of our current partners, like:

  • Mott MacDonald Magyarország Kft (American owned)
  • Holimex Kft. (Dutch owned)
  • Copy General Kft. (100% American owned)
  • BIBUS Kft. (Swiss owned)
  • ERM Hungária Kft. (majority German owned)
  • Erick von Egeraart City Hall (Dutch owned)
  • Gardia Kft., (american owned),
  • Skytec-Hungary Kft. (swiss-hungarian owned),

Other references:

AERD ZRT., Arriba Group Kft, Artonic Kft., Cleanstar Plaza Kft., Fejlesztési Akadémia és Továbbképző Intézet Alapítvány, Kala és Társa Kft., Speciálterv Kft., Speeding Kft., Pneumatika Hungária Kft. Wellensteyn Képviselet Kft, Voice-Kraft Kft., e.g.

Our services:

  • All-inclusive accountancy, bookkeeping
  • Payroll calculation
  • Tax consultancy
  • Completion of declarations, returns, statistical reports and other, unique reports

Our company is providing these services with a team of 21 professional, skilled labour, who are meeting the professional requirements based with their theoretical and practical preparedness. Our employees are auditors, chartered accountants, specialists of payroll calculations, who, besides the above mentioned round of duties are regularly informing our partners about their companies results on electronic way (e-mail, fax), are preparing lists and reports on-demand, in Hungarian and English language. We offer our services mainly in our office, but we are opened to the possibility of data processing at the location provided by the partner.


We pay attention to the development and regular maintenance of our computer network to ensure the undisturbed work. For accountancy – on-demand of our partners – we use several systems, as SAP, CobraContoWin, Navison, Scala, Exact softwares, for payroll calculation the ForintSoft, Nexon, Novitax softwares.

If you have any other questions I am gladly yours to command.

We hope our tender has piqued your interest, and we will see you between our partners in the future.

Orsolya Kapecska





kapecska [.] orsolya [at] t-online [.] hu

PerfActa Kft.




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